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Double and triple digit increases in targeted inpatient and outpatient services for this top ten U.S. public health system.

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Broward Health


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Broward Health


Market research pointed to a ten percentage point increase in brand recognition, a 300% increase in call volume for physician referrals, and the volume of joint replacements at Broward Health’s hospitals increased by 20%.  That was a “WOW”, and the most successful campaign that this health system had seen in 15 years.

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Broward Health

Cardiac - Heart Age Tool

During the first 60-days more than 13,500 people visited the microsite, and of the almost 3,000 people who took the online test , 67% resulted in a heart age 7 or more years older than their chronological age. 800 people opted-in to receive additional information and 66 requested a cardiac physician referral.

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Broward Health

Hand Washing Posters

This fun internal poster campaign for Broward Health health system won several Healthcare marketing awards.

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