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It's an untraditional world we live in.
At least, that's how BSG Media sees it.
We know that today's advertisers need to be smarter with their money. And that means knowing how to precisely identify the people you need to reach -- and then when and where to most effectively reach them.
That could be with a primetime TV spot, a YouTube video or through an early morning targeted cable buy. It could be in the pages of Newsweek or an online magazine. It could be anywhere -- even on the roofs of buses, seen only by professionals and executives looking down from Manhattan office towers. (Which we've done.)
The media team, led by Vicki Penn, is made up of imaginative and strategic thinkers, as well as sharp, entrepreneurial negotiators. They work closely with creatives to make sure that the medium fits the message, whether the goal is direct response, increased traffic or consumer awareness. It all adds up to more effective spending -- and quantifiable results.

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