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Raúl Rovira

creative director

As Creative Director at Beber Silverstein Group, Raúl leads a dynamic team of creatives renowned for their ability to deliver work that is as thoughtful as it is powerful. 


An award-winning creative professional with over 23 years in marketing and advertising, Raul has honed his craft in the automotive, spirits, nuclear energy, healthcare, and hospitality sectors. His ability to immerse himself in subjects paired with an intuitive grasp of cultural nuance and market dynamics have made his campaigns successful with audiences across the General and U.S. Hispanic markets.


Raúl’s creative perspective is the product of a life immersed in the rich cultures of regions as diverse as Washington D.C., The Bay Area, the Southern U.S. and Miami, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. This cultural fluency has broadened his perspective and allowed him to flow seamlessly between language and culture, drawing influence from both to enrich strategies and creative.


Raúl’s engaging style and innate talent for communication foster connections that cross cultural and linguistic boundaries. His work, celebrated for its authenticity and creativity, ranges from evocative TV spots to thoughtful documentaries, immersive digital campaigns and beyond. While accolades have followed his career, it’s the genuine relationships and collaborative achievements that truly define his professional journey.

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