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Miami Metro Zoo

Amazon and Beyond Exhibit Campaign

As a long-term client, we helped Miami Metrozoo become one of the top 10 zoos in the United States. And, when given the task of launching the new $50 million, 27 acre, Amazon and Beyond, we wanted our initial marketing to be as new and exciting as the exhibit itself. With giant river otters, jaguars, the largest cats in the western hemisphere; harpy eagles with talons the size of grizzly bear claws; and anacondas, the mightiest snakes on earth, it truly was a close encounter to “Miami’s Next Big Thing.”


Our goal in the months leading up to the opening was to give prospective visitors the chance to touch and feel the exhibit—to go beyond the billboard and the usual print ad. In addition to our TV and radio campaign, we also focused on other non-traditional and experiential media including:

• Attention-grabbing, odd newspaper unit sizes in which a frog was placed directly on top of editorial, a snake slithered on the gutter of several consecutive pages, and leaf-cutter ants ate away a full page bit by bit.

• An enormous banner that depicted writer Dave Barry swallowed whole by an anaconda on the Miami Herald building.

• A guerrilla campaign that consisted of giant shipping crates with real animal sounds in key Miami locations.

• A wrapped Metrorail train which appeared to be swallowed by a snake.

• Turnpike toll plaza banners near the Miami Metrozoo exit.

• An opening event crate invitation that turned into a curled 3D snake mobile.


The result was an opening that saw the highest single-day attendance on record. And helped make the exhibit a big success.


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