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This multi-media campaign introduced the new healthcare system, Tennova Healthcare, to the Tennessee market. Formerly Mercy Healthcare Partners, Tennova is a system of six hospitals and multiple medical centers throughout Eastern Tennessee.

The campaign, called "It's good!." includes television, radio, print, outdoor, online media and a robust internal campaign for employees of the hospital system. It brings the Tennova logo to life by using uplifting imagery of people with their arms raised.

The “arms raised’ gesture symbolizes many positive things: victory, rebirth, joy, love, welcome, inspiration…all positives that illustrate “a new day in healthcare for the people of East Tennessee.”

We had a great product to talk about. And we had a great spokesperson in Peyton Manning to work with.  The biggest challenge was having only 4 hours to work with Peyton to execute two commercials, a still photo shoot and host a meet and greet for social media contest winners.

We worked backwards keeping the creative set-ups relatively simple. And indoors so we didn't have to worry about weather. We built a locker room set and print backdrop within the hospital so we could keep within our 4 hour window. Luckily we had great talent who knew his lines and ad-libbed some nice comedic touches.

We finished in time for some group photos and all involved are very happy with the creative. We were lucky to have a very funny cameo by one of the sisters at the hospital.

Tennova Healthcare


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