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Emergency Rooms just for kids. And a video for kids and their parents.

30-second TV spot

Children have different health issues and sensitivities that are best served by a Pediatric ER. But there are far more general emergency rooms than there are dedicated Pediatric ERs. With four dedicated UHealth Jackson Children's care ERs in Miami-Dade County, you're never far from one no matter where you live. 

To help remember where these ERs are located, we knew parents needed more than just addresses and Google Maps. So we commissioned a map of Miami-Dade in a style that harkened back to the fun map styles we remembered as kids. And used Miami landmarks we all know and love. Integrated into the map are the 4 Pediatric ER locations. This map was also turned into a coloring book that is given out at the Pediatric ERs and hospitals. A fun, "interactive" marketing piece for children of all ages. 

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