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At Beber Silverstein old school marketing smarts meets new school hashtags and @ replies. Guerilla meets viral. Social meets media meets public relations meets events, meets breakthrough out of home.


Thanks for meeting us here on our page!

That building with the big thought bubbles outside the windows? That's us. It’s also a good example of what we do: Get people talking. We call it "culturesmithing" -- weaving brand stories into the personal culture of the target market, creating cultural phenomena that people notice, like and, ultimately, participate in.
Culturesmiths build relationships, not ads, and talk with people, not at them. Launching a dialogue that people want to participate in. By shaping cultural discourse through this participatory process, instead of trying to force tired ad messages into consumers' already overloaded brains, we're able to continually reinforce brand relevance and consumer choice – promoting positive feelings about the brand and the consumer's decision to make it part of his or her life.
Culturesmithed messages appear in traditional and non-traditional media – wherever the target is most likely to become part of the dialogue. That could be on the street in front of our building or on television as part of a national multimedia campaign. Then, once the relationship is established, the consumer becomes involved in all the key milestones of a brand's life.


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