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PGTI CO-OP PROGRAM | Special TV Opportunity

Limited time opportunity to participate in a PGT TV schedule this Summer and receive mass advertising exposure, and use your 2020 co-op dollars before they expire. Space available on a first come, first serve basis.


Hurry! You must opt-in by Fri. July 31st.

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  • 4-Week TV Advertising Schedule (Aug 17 – Sept 13, 2020)

  • NO PAYMENT DUE UPFRONT. PGTI will send you an invoice for your portion, after the schedule has run its course.

  • PGTI pays 50% of the media and ad agency fees, and 100% of the production costs.

What’s in it for you?

  • An affordable presence on TV.

  • Leverage PGT‘s high brand awareness and Beber Silverstein Group’s (BSG) media expertise, negotiating skills, and clout in the markets.

  • Mass exposure on TV during hurricane season.

  • High production values/national caliber commercial.

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TV Spot
Two dealer tags - used in spot and sheet

Be tagged in the last :05 of PGT’s :30 “Walkthrough” TV spot (featuring impact products.) If one dealer participates in a market, their logo, phone number and URL will be dominantly featured on the end tag. If two dealers in a market participate, both of their logos, phone numbers and URL will be featured on the end tag.

To view a rough cut of the TV spot

Media Markets

to sign up or to request more info

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